About Us

Our company was established in 2007, in order to deliver the technical and software support services.  We soon found a need for a reliable support service with a more human approach and this has been at the core of our values ever since.  We have steadily grown to have a mix of colleagues that all share a strength in engaging with our clients on a personable level.

Our Vision

To change the perception of IT support by putting people before technology. We believe technology should benefit a business not frustrate it. We want to be known for helping every business we work with be better.

Our Culture

  • Know how – knowledge and training are at the core of our business
  • Approachable – friendly and understanding
  • Positive – solution orientated
  • Compassionate – putting people ahead of technology
  • Ambitious – dynamic and driven wanting to achieve the best

What you get

Focused on you and your business, keeping you up and running – so you have confidence in your system and the peace of mind it won’t let you down. We’re here to help, not to judge – no matter what your computer skill level – we won’t make you feel embarrassed

Clear Communication

We communicate clearly – so you know exactly where you stand

Managing Change

We take pain away from the change of a new system, by taking responsibility for that change and delivering training of the new systems

Reduced Downtime

Keeping your systems reliable and running smoothly - so you can be more confident to deliver for your clients

Plain Language

Technology shouldn’t be confusing, we explain in plain language – so you get the most from your systems


Working in close collaboration with our clients, means we understand your requirements


Our engaging team becomes an integral part of your business – part of your businesses success

Our Colleagues

Our awesome team helping you on your IT journey.
Eden Legon
Tech Concierge
Philip Smith
Second Line Tech Concierge
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor
Tech Trainee
Trevor Russell
Trevor Russell
Senior Tech Concierge
Mark Last
Mark Last
Tech Team Leader
Scott Dobson
Scott Dobson
Head of Operations
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson
Accounts & Administration
Dan Corpe
Dan Corpe
Project Marketing
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson
MD and Founder
Richard Mallaby
Richard Mallaby
Lead Tech Concierge